Co-director of the Archaeological Mission of Oxirrinco (El-Bahnasa, Minia, Egypt) since 2019 together with Maite Mascort.

Curator of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities and the Near East of the National Archaeological Museum.

Doctor by the University of Barcelona. Faculty of Geography and History. Dept. of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology.

Director of Oxyrhynhus since 2020 and Member of the Archaeological Excavation of the Oxyrinco Archaeological Site (El-Bahnasa), Egypt since 2000

He has attended numerous congresses both national (Iberian Congress of Egyptology, CEPO Congress, among others) and international (International Congress of Egyptology, CIPEG Congress, among others).

He has given numerous conferences (Courses, Seminars…), about Ancient Egypt.

He has published articles in both national and international journals on metalworking in Egypt, Terracotta from the Greco-Roman period in Egypt and findings at the Oxyrinco site (Egypt).

She curates or advises on various exhibitions and catalogs on Ancient Egypt and the Middle East (Submerged Treasures, Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures, In the Confines of the Middle East…).