Co-director of the Archaeological Mission of Oxirrinco (El-Bahnasa, Minia, Egypt) since 2019 together with Esther Pons.

Archaeologist of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Head of the Action Section of the Archaeology and Paleontology Service.

Doctor in Archaeology from the University of Barcelona. Thesis: L’Osireion d’Oxirrinc (El-Bahnasa, Egypt). Archaeological and ritual study of the cult of Osiris between the 7th and 2nd centuries BC.

Director of Oxyrhynhus since 2020 and member of the team of the Archaeological Mission of Oxirrinco (El Bahnasa, Egypt) since 1992.

Vice President and founding member of the Catalan Society of Egyptology, since 1988.

Head of the International Committee of Egyptology (CIPEG). Barcelona, Congress Barcelona ICOM 2001.

Collaborator in the assembly of the Egyptology room of the Episcopal Museum of Vic. Year, 2002.

Scientific advisor of the Architecture team of Arata Isozaki for the museographic assembly of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation (NMEC). Cairo – Egypt (2010-2012).

Scientific advisor of the Arata Isozaki’s Architecture team for the museographic montage of the Graet Egyptian Museum (GEM). Cairo – Egypt (2012-2013).

She has attended numerous congresses both national (Iberian Congress of Egyptology, National Congress of Paleopathology) and international (International Congress of Egyptology).

He has given numerous courses, conferences, seminars related to Ancient Egypt and published articles in both national and international journals on Egyptology.

She has curated or advised on various exhibitions (Immersive Treasures, Tutankhamun: His Tomb and its Treasures, Visions d’Egipte. Oxirrinc ahir i avui…)

Editor of the topics of Egypt and scientific advisor since the number 1 of the History Journal. National Geographic. She has published, in this magazine, more than 25 articles related to Ancient Egypt.